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offshore and coastal site tests help shape build plans

Fugro GB Marine is undertaking a further four months of significant offshore and coastal site investigation works to help finalise construction and installation plans. The seabed and ground conditions tests will include investigations around the location of the joint bay, where the offshore export cable will connect to the Triton Knoll electrical system onshore. The […]

Triton Knoll News

Ground Works and Surveys Update

Ground investigation works are continuing at a number of locations across the onshore Electrical System over the coming month, with our contractors set to undertake borehole and some minor trial trenching surveys. The surveys are taking place along the Triton Knoll permanent access track starting from the A17 access and working towards the Triton Knoll […]

Ecological surveys and mitigation for water vole

Lincolnshire Ecologists, Scarborough Nixon Associates, are conducting a series of water vole surveys along the project onshore cable corridor over the next two to three weeks, working on behalf of Triton Knoll’s onshore cable installer J Murphy & Sons. Additional surveys for water vole will also be carried out at the onshore substation location on […]

Latest onshore surveys underway at Triton Knoll

Onshore survey works are continuing on behalf of Triton Knoll, with Lincoln-based Allen Archaeology undertaking a series of further geoarchaeological investigations over the course of this week and next. The surveys will examine specific sites at locations along the onshore route of the Triton Knoll onshore cable corridor, looking for buried materials or deposits which […]

Triton Knoll News

Survey works continue at Triton Knoll

Lincolnshire-based company Allen Archaeology is currently carrying out a series of rapid walkover surveys at selected locations along the route of the Triton Knoll Onshore cable corridor to record any archaeological earthwork features, principally related to any ridge and furrow surviving in areas of pasture.  The survey consists of small teams of two or three […]

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Topographical surveys set to begin at cable route

Triton Knoll’s most recently announced preferred supplier, J Murphy & Sons Ltd (Murphy), is to undertake a series of topographical surveys across the entire length of the onshore cable route, starting shortly. The ground level, visual surveys will enable Murphy, selected to install the entire almost 60kms onshore cable route, to undertake final designs for […]

Archaeological Trial Trenching underway

Triton Knoll started its Archaeological Trial Trenching campaign on Monday, July 31, 2017. If you would like to know more about these investigations, please see our Q&A document which should answer most queries. If you have any further questions or issues you’d like to raise, or would like to know more, please contact us either […]

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Surveys build picture of ground conditions at Triton Knoll

Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm is due to begin a second round of site survey works next week, as it builds a detailed picture of local ground conditions at various locations along the entire 60km cable route. Once underway, the installation of the underground export cable will be a huge engineering project supporting local jobs […]

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Walkover surveys commence at Triton Knoll

Triton Knoll is continuing to progress low impact survey works along the length of its proposed cable route, which runs from the landfall at Anderby Creek, through to Bicker Fen where the power generated by the offshore wind farm will ultimately connect into the national grid network. Due to start on 24 October, up to […]