SPOTLIGHT ON 7th Boston Scout Group

The group was set up five years ago in response to a desperate need for something meaningful to engage the community’s young people, who were at risk of becoming isolated and unsupported.

The group was set  up by Alan Blackhorse-Hull and a team of volunteers, who have used their own equipment to help build a successful scouting group now totalling over 60 young people, from Beavers and Cubs to Scouts, and counts 12 adult leaders.

Outdoor pursuits and team-building have been critical to helping embed the group’s main values. But these been constrained by the extent of the equipment that could be begged, borrowed or paid for from the leaders’ own pockets.

Group Scout Leader Alan Blackhorse-Hull said: “We have an annual camp in Norfolk which is the highlight of the calendar for the kids – they take part in some really valuable activities which are really helping build a stronger cohesion throughout the whole group, and teaching some really positive values among our young people. But transporting everyone and their kit is always a struggle. We have to use our own vehicles and trailers and, with the best will in the world, we can’t always take everything we need, nor all the groups together.”

The Triton Knoll Community Fund award will fund a brand new, purpose built trailer, which will greatly improve the group’s ability to transport larger quantities of kit, support joint activities and enhancing the experience for the young people. It will also help buy new tents so that the entire group can camp together for the first time ever.

Alan said: “The news from Triton Knoll is absolutely amazing, we are over the moon. I’m always being amazed by these kids. They have responded incredibly well to the activities and focus we’ve been able to provide for them. They have really helped them to bond together as a team; they now working together on lots of things both within the scout group and outside of it and it helps build values and skills amongst our young people.”