Triton Knoll status update - Covid-19

As a responsible employer, our top priority is to ensure that all of our staff, contractors and members of the public can stay safe and well throughout this unprecedented time.

We have already stopped all non-critical activities and reduced others, where they cannot be done remotely, and where it is simply not possible to meet Government guidance and our own commitment to protecting our staff’s safety and welfare.

Some activities on this nationally significant energy infrastructure project are however critical and cannot be undertaken remotely, for example, the safe commissioning of our onshore assets in line with national grid timelines. These works are continuing under the most stringent conditions to protect the safety of our teams and the public, with an emphasis on works that enable clear segregation of personnel and maintaining an appropriate distance.

We have also implemented measures such as medical screening and checks of personnel before starting work or entering a site, while keeping all of these measures frequently under review.


Triton Knoll is an important potential source of home grown renewable energy in the UK and which is now in construction, installing the onshore electrical system in Lincolnshire.

Installation of the offshore array and infrastructure began in January 2020, and will be located 20 miles off the coast of Lincolnshire and 28 miles from the coast of north Norfolk.

The project is owned by innogy (59%) and partners J-Power (25%) and to Kansai Electric Power (16%).

Triton Knoll began onshore construction on 10 September, 2018 having achieved Financial Close at the end of August 2018, a Contract for Difference from the UK Government in September 2017, consent for the the onshore electrical system in September 2016 and for the offshore array in July 2013.

Our website aims to keep you informed of project news, and provides information to help you take advantage of opportunities from the project as they emerge. If you are a supplier, you can register your interest in working with Triton Knoll on our Supply Chain page.


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