Supply chain

Throughout construction, Triton Knoll aimed to put east coast and UK suppliers at the very heart of the development, aiming to become a catalyst for supply chain and economic growth and also establishing a lasting regional economic legacy.

Triton Knoll represents an investment of around £2 billion in renewable energy infrastructure and we are pleased to confirm that over half of that investment has been spent with the UK supply chain.

We would like to thank every single supplier who took the time to register their details on our interested businesses database. Now that the construction period is coming to a close, the database has now been closed for new entries. We are delighted to have been able to work with so many local suppliers over the past years and look forward to continuing these relationships during the Operations & Maintenance phase.

Still interested in working with RWE? The Sofia Offshore Wind Farm has now commenced onshore construction and will require competent, innovative and experienced suppliers to take the project through construction. If you are interested in working with Sofia Offshore Wind Farm, please take the time to register your details on their Supplier Portal to ensure you are kept up to date with all project developments.