Triton Knoll Onshore Substation Tour

The Triton Knoll Onshore Substation is complex infrastructure with a very important role to play in ensuring the power generated from the offshore wind farm can be transferred into the national grid and, ultimately, into your homes. Power is generated by the offshore wind turbines and then makes a 110km journey from the offshore site to the onshore substation via export cables. Once at the onshore substation, the electricity is converted into the correct voltage to allow it to be fed into the national grid.

There are many different components within the onshore substation each playing a key role in ensuring the power is properly converted but did you know the onshore substation also has a big role to play in the operation and maintenance of the wind farm too?

In the video below, our Substations Package Manager, Jacob Hain, takes you on a tour of the Triton Knoll Onshore Substation introducing the key components and detailing their purpose in transporting electricity but also ensuring that we can properly operate the offshore wind turbines.

Super Grid Transformer: You may have seen our footage showing the delivery of the Super Grid Transformers to our site, but why are these one of the most important components at the onshore substation?

Control Building: Did you know that equipment housed at the onshore substation allows us to monitor the wind turbines located 20 miles offshore from our operations base in Grimsby?

Landscaping: How do we ensure that the onshore substation is properly screened and how can the screening encourage wildlife?