Learn about offshore wind and climate change

vacanciesOffshore wind is a key technology for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Are you curious about how an offshore wind farm generates clean, green renewable power and how this relates to climate change mitigation? These pages are for you!

What is an offshore wind farm?

The film below will give you a great introduction to Triton Knoll and you can also learn what components make up an offshore wind farm.

Educational Resources

There are some great websites available from which to start your own research on climate science, wind power, renewable electricity, etc.
Below are some of our favourites:

How do wind turbines work?

The Crown Estate, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and BVG Associates published a very thorough and informative guide to an offshore wind farm. It details the components required to make a wind turbine work and the technology involved.


How does renewable energy help limit climate change?

The NASA Climate Kids website provides lots of useful information on climate change and how renewables can help limit the damage climate change can cause.



Politics of renewable energy

Energy politics and the adoption of renewable energy go hand in hand. This video presents several reasons why politics is so important for the adoption of renewable energy and what are some of the forces presenting faster adoption.