Triton Knoll Apprentice Blog

To give anyone interested in applying for an apprenticeship a better taste of life as an apprentice, we asked Jacob, Mollie, Billy and Amelia to provide a regular blog to share insights into their studies and what they get up to in their free time.

Jacob, Mollie, Billy and Amelia were recruited as RWE apprentices for Triton Knoll in 2020. Their first year of studying started in September 2020 at Llandrillo college in North Wales.

You can find their blog posts by clicking on the links to the right. We hope that you find the blogs interesting, they may even encourage you to consider applying for an apprenticeship!

Blog Posts

First year of apprenticeship complete, plans for the Summer - by Amelia Coulam

At the end of June, Myself, Mollie, Jacob and Billy successfully completed the first year of our apprenticeship at Colleg Llandrillo, Wales. To reflect on the year, it has been challenging, but each one of us have picked up new skills and knowledge we can now take home with us to put into practice when we are on work experience over the summer.

This includes the four of us going offshore to experience what it's like to be at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm and to live away on the Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for two weeks. We will get to meet all of the team and work alongside the Balance of Plant team and the Service Technicians on the wind turbines.

Onshore, at the Triton Knoll Operations and Maintenance base, we are hoping to also work in the Control Room for a few days over the summer.


In June, we completed two training courses which are Nacelle Crane Operator and Safe Torque and Tension.

Nacelle Crane Operator – This allowed us to learn how the cranes on the wind turbines operate. This course was 2 days in Grimsby with Boston Energy consisting of theory, about parts of the crane and health and safety regulations along with practical where we learnt how to operate the crane with a variety of exercises.

Billy operating the crane using the crane remote pendant.

Jacob Operating the Crane using the crane remote pendant.

Jacob and Billy operating the crane manually.

Safe Torque and Tension – Here we learnt how to use a safe system of work to identify the correct torque and tension of bolts on a wind turbine.

Outside of Work

Although we all work together, there is a great friendship through us all and we love to meet up outside of work. Since being back from Colleg Llandrillo and returning to Grimsby, the Production Mangers and Administrator for Triton Knoll Operations and Maintenance took us all out for a meal which was great.

Our work involves working at heights, so myself Jacob and Mollie took on the challenge to complete a nearby Go Ape. The day was very enjoyable and certainly allowed us to work together as a team to complete the treetop adventure.

What is happening over the Summer?

Over the next month, we will be preparing to go offshore in teams of two for two weeks on shift at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm. We will then return to Colleg Llandrillo to commence our second year of our apprenticeship in September.

Photo of Triton Knoll captured by Amelia whilst experiencing offshore in July.

Thoughts on our first year so far – by Amelia Coulam

At the beginning of April 2021, we returned to Llandrillo College, North Wales, to continue our first year of our apprenticeship. Since returning, we’ve been catching up with the other apprentices based at Liverpool Bay, as well as our tutors.

It’s been great to be back face-to-face in the classroom instead of having virtual lessons, and we’ve been continuing with theory and practical sessions.

With pressure on to complete our BTEC qualification (the deadline was brought forward to May) we successfully completed all practical work in the workshop in just four weeks – including bench fitting and electrical component assembling.

Here are some photos to show you what we have been up to in the workshop.

Amelia carrying out an electrical task to create a CAT5 module (ethernet cable).

Jacob carrying out an electrical task to create a CAT5 module (ethernet cable).

Mollie carrying out a bench fitting task to create a stud bar for the Bolted Face workpiece.

Bolted Face workpiece complete.

This month’s blog is an introduction for you to get to know us and a brief insight to what it’s like to be an RWE apprentice.

 Jacob Choppen

“Hi! I’m Jacob, I’m from Grimsby and enjoy playing football, going to the gym and scuba diving in my spare time.

I wanted to do this job as it is a great industry to work in and benefits the environment, which is very rewarding. I wanted to work offshore and on shift as opposed to a 9-5 job so when I am home, I will have plenty of free time to do the things I enjoy.

My ambitions for the future are to complete the apprenticeship, work on the turbines offshore and hopefully travel the world with the job. Eventually, I would like to work my way up through the business.

What I am enjoying about the apprenticeship so far is independent working and living away from home as well as enjoying learning about the turbines and the practical side of mechanical and electrical engineering. I enjoy working as a team to get a task completed.”

 Mollie Mills

“Hello! My name’s Mollie, I am from Grimsby and enjoy horse riding, going to the gym, running outdoors and walking my dogs.

The renewables industry is a great sector to work in and hopefully will provide a job for life. It is a practical job and I love the thought of working offshore and climbing the wind turbines – not your typical 9-5 job.

Once I have completed my apprenticeship and learnt all the relevant skills required, I hope to secure a job at Triton Knoll. An ambition of mine is to climb the ladder in the business and work towards management. I would like to use my experience and help others in the future.

I am really enjoying learning new aspects of electrical and mechanical engineering during the apprenticeship and also the practical elements. I have a brilliant team that I am working with to complete my apprenticeship.”

Billy Goodwin

“Hi there! I’m Billy, from Grimsby and I love surfing and skateboarding in my spare time which this job can give me plenty of.

I wanted to work hands on in a growing industry with plenty of potential for career growth and hope to keep a job like this for a long time.

I enjoy learning new skills every day, whether it is practical or theory. I also enjoy exploring north Wales and experiencing what the beautiful coastline has to offer and meeting people who live here.”

Amelia Coulam

“Hello! I’m Amelia, I am from Grimsby and love walking, running, going to the gym and socialising with friends and family.

I have always wanted to work in the renewable sector and feel I have grasped a great opportunity to work in an environment with practical elements and working offshore.

When I have completed my apprenticeship, I am hoping to get a job at Triton Knoll and begin my career, aiming over the years to work my way up to a management role in the business.

I have really enjoyed the experience of living away from home during my apprenticeship and meeting new friends who I hope to stay in touch with and work alongside in my career. I’ve enjoyed learning new knowledge and skills in the workshop and the theory side of engineering.”