Triton Knoll News

Early site preparation works get underway at Triton Knoll Electrical System

  • Triton Knoll begins onshore site preparation work as project gears up for summer construction start
  • Works aim to help mitigate impacts on breeding birds.

Pre-construction works are set to start around the onshore Triton Knoll Electrical System, as the innogy project gears up for the  start of construction this summer.

A programme of pre-construction site preparation works will start on 14 February at key points along the onshore cable route, with Electrical System lead onshore cable installation contractors, J Murphy & Sons subcontracting out the works.

The programme of planned works will last several weeks and aims to strategically remove vegetation, including some hedgerows and trees at key points around the project’s onshore Electrical System. It is part of a plan to protect breeding birds from potential impacts. The carefully planned mitigation will be completed before the breeding season and is informed by detailed ecological studies carried out by the project. Once construction is finished new trees will be planted and hedgerows reinstated to replace those removed as part of the plan.

It is likely there may be some noise from the day to day operation of the plant involved, but this will be relatively minor and short-lived.

Triton Knoll is an innogy-owned offshore wind farm, and has a planned installed capacity of 860MW(1) capable of supplying the equivalent of over 800,000 UK households per year, with renewable electricity. The project was awarded a Contract For Difference (2) in September 2017, and expects to trigger a capital expenditure investment of around £2billion into much needed UK energy infrastructure.

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