Survey works continue at Triton Knoll

Lincolnshire-based company Allen Archaeology is currently carrying out a series of rapid walkover surveys at selected locations along the route of the Triton Knoll Onshore cable corridor to record any archaeological earthwork features, principally related to any ridge and furrow surviving in areas of pasture.  The survey consists of small teams of two or three people using hand held equipment to monitor potential and known earthworks. Where necessary, they are also arranging for further, more detailed topographical surveys, in order to better understand the archaeological features which are identified.

Towards the end of this month (October) a team from Allen Archaeology will also be starting metal detector surveys,  at specific, previously identified locations along the cable route. Depending on what they find, the team may then need to carry out some minor hand-trowel digging excavations, in order to better identify any artefacts uncovered.

Landowners have been fully engaged throughout the survey works, which will only take place where the crop cover is low.  All works will have very limited impact on the surrounding environment.

In addition to these surveys, Allen Archaeology is continuing to undertake a programme of archaeological trial trenching along the route of the onshore cable route and at the onshore substation site.


Post Author: driveby