Topographical surveys set to begin at cable route

Triton Knoll’s most recently announced preferred supplier, J Murphy & Sons Ltd (Murphy), is to undertake a series of topographical surveys across the entire length of the onshore cable route, starting shortly.

The ground level, visual surveys will enable Murphy, selected to install the entire almost 60kms onshore cable route, to undertake final designs for the civil installation works which are due to start later next year. The information will enable detailed design work to be completed, as well as providing a benchmark for reinstatement of the ground, once the installation work is finished.

Two Murphy teams of three people, wearing high-visibility clothing, will work from either end of the cable route, carrying out the surveys on foot and using GPS equipment to record topographical levels. While the surveyors will be visible, the work they carry out will not require digging, and will not generate noise.

Post Author: Mark Fleming