Triton Knoll Ecological Pre-construction Works Q&As

Q What do these clearance works involve?

A The clearance will involve the removal of small sections of hedgerow and small trees in locations along the onshore cable route. The works will involve small teams of contractors who will be wearing hi-viz. Plant required for the removal works will be transported to and from site via a 4×4 vehicle and trailer for hedgerow removal and a low-loader for the larger plant required for tree removal.


Q Why are these clearance works required and why are they happening now?

A These works are required in line with the findings from ecological surveys which have taken place over the past few years. The removal of this vegetation is being carried out now, prior to the onset of the nesting bird season, to protect breeding birds during our construction activity, which is due to commence around June 2018, by discouraging them from nesting within or close to the construction working corridor.


Q How long will the works last?

A The hedgerow clearance works will last approximately four weeks.


Q Will the hedgerows be replaced?

A Hedgerows along the cable route will be reinstated once the construction works have been completed. Where trees are removed, these will be replaced wherever possible.


Q Will any Public Rights of Way be impacted?

A No PRoW will be impacted by these works.


Q Am I able to view the works taking place?

A Due to HSE requirements, no public access will be allowed onto the sites.


Q Will the works be visible?

A At times the works will be visible to members of the public depending which hedgerow is being worked on, for example several of the hedgerows which require removal are located at roadsides.


Q Will there be any noise?

A Any noise resulting from these works will be relatively minor and will only last for short durations at each removal site.


Q Who can I contact for further information?

A You can contact the team by calling 0845 026 0562 or emailing