Walkover surveys commence at Triton Knoll

Triton Knoll is continuing to progress low impact survey works along the length of its proposed cable route, which runs from the landfall at Anderby Creek, through to Bicker Fen where the power generated by the offshore wind farm will ultimately connect into the national grid network.

Due to start on 24 October, up to three weeks of the non-intrusive ‘walkover’ surveys will be conducted, to survey the topography, measure site conditions and gather information from along the entire route.

Access to survey areas has been agreed in advance with affected landowners prior to taking entry, this process is ongoing. The surveys are being carried out by a small team of engineers from Triton Knoll’s consultants Balfour Beatty who will cover the full length of the almost 60km onshore cable route. The survey is expected to complete by the end of November 2016.

A project spokesperson said: “These are incredibly low impact surveying methods, but will be really helpful in understanding the detail of the entire route, so we can establish the final design and best construction methods, and particularly how we manage obstacles like road crossings, drains, dykes and water courses.”

Post Author: driveby