First turbine is installed at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Triton Knoll today confirmed that the first of its 90 offshore wind turbines has been safely and successfully installed, marking an important step towards first generation this Spring.

The v164-9.5 MW turbines are manufactured by Vestas, which has placed its Isle of Wight and Fawley blade facilities at the heart of component production.

All blades, nacelles and tower sections are being handled at a specialist turbine pre-assembly and construction base, established by Triton Knoll and Vestas at Able Seaton Port, in Teesside. Installation is being carried out by DEME, using the jack-up vessel Wind Osprey, provided by Cadeler.

The 9.5MW turbines are amongst the most powerful operating anywhere in the world, and capable of energising a typical UK household for more than 29 hours with just a single turn of the blades. Each turbine has a greater swept area than the London Eye (turbine 187m, London Eye 120m), and measures 187 metres from the base of the tower to the tip of the blades.

The first turbine successfully installed at Triton Knoll