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    Relevant Competencies

    Please let us know the core competencies of your business in relation to Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm. Tick the relevant main categories below and also select your specific offerings to the project. There is a limit of 5 ticks in total to help us match you for truly relevant opportunities where your offering fits with the project's needs.

    General Support Services

    Laundry Services
    Venue hire
    Recruitment & Labour
    Vehicle Hire - including HGVs, Trucks and Taxi services
    Training & Education
    Office Rental
    PPE & Clothing
    Estate & Land Agent
    Facilities Management
    Office Supplies
    Security Services
    CCTV Suppliers (install, service, maintain)
    Audio visual services & equipment
    PR, Media & Marketing
    Printing & design
    Restaurants & cafes
    Waste Management
    Association/ Membership Body

    Surveying, Monitoring and Technical Consulting Services

    Wind Resource/Wake Analysis
    Engineering Design
    Condition Monitoring

    Onshore Civil Construction

    Civil construction services
    Road and track construction
    Plant hire
    Materials Supply
    Landscaping and arboriculture
    Materials supply
    Traffic Management
    Abnormal indivisible loads vehicles

    Onshore Electrical Systems

    Onshore Cable Supplier
    Onshore Cable Component Supplier
    Cable Jointing
    Cable Protection
    Cable Testing
    Onshore Substation Supplier
    Onshore Substation Component Supplier
    Onshore Electrical Systems Repairs and Maintenance

    Offshore Electrical Systems

    Offshore Cable Supplier
    Offshore Cable Component Supplier
    Offshore Substation Supplier
    Offshore Substation Component Supplier
    Cable Jointing
    Cable Protection
    Cable Testing
    Cable Trenching
    Offshore Electrical Systems Repairs and Maintenance

    Ports & Related Specialist Services

    Port Owner
    Port Agency
    Ports Authority
    Port Handling Equipment

    Vessels, Helicopters and Related Specialist Services

    Maritime Logistics
    Diving services
    UXO disposal
    Offshore Communications and marine software systems
    Vessel design and build
    Construction & Installation vessels
    Cable installation vessels
    Wind farm O&M vessels
    Crew Transfer Vessels / Guard Vessels
    Service Operation Vessels
    Survey vessels
    Marine equipment suppliers (general chandlers etc.)

    Turbine Foundations

    Foundation components or materials supplier
    Foundations Repairs and Maintenance
    Access solutions for foundations (rope access, scaffolding etc)

    Wind Turbines

    Wind Turbine Supplier
    Wind Turbine components or materials supplier (Towers to ball bearings- all inclusive)
    Wind Turbine Maintenance
    Blade Repairs
    Access solutions for wind turbines (rope access etc)

    Other Services (50 character limit):

    The categories provided under the other headings aim to cover most key goods and services sought for an offshore wind farm. To enable us to search for your business please endeavour to identify your core competencies from the list of options.

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