Triton Knoll Community Fund – How it works

The following is an overview of The Fund and how it works.

For more detailed information and support, visit the Lincolnshire Community F0undation (LCF) website (see below.)

How it works

The One Off Construction Fund

- The £500,000 one off construction fund is the first to open for new applications.

- All eligible applicants / projects, located within 3km of the landfall location, 5km of the substation location and 1km of the onshore cable route can apply for funding.

-Applications will be managed by the Lincolnshire Community Foundation and all the details you need to apply can be found on their website

-The deadline for the first round of applications is 1st November 2018 and successful bids will typically be announced within 6 weeks of the closing date.

-We expect the first  awards to be made later this year (2018).

The Annual Fund

  • The annual £40,000 fund will be available at first generation from the wind farm, which is currently expected to be during 2021. More information about this fund will follow in due course.


Make an application

  • We highly recommend contacting Sue Fortune (pictured) from the Lincolnshire Community Foundation (LCF), before completing or submitting an application.
  • Sue will also be able to answer any questions that you may have about the fund and the decision making panel.
  • You can access Community Fund application forms from the LCF. Click here to visit the website and obtain an application form.
  • We have also created a Guidance document which provides answers to some of the more common queries we have received in relation to the fund. Click here to download the guide.

Sue Fortune, Lincolnshire Community Foundation. Contact Sue using the following contact details:

Email: / Telephone: 01529 305825


Join the decision making panel

  • The LCF is now accepting applications to apply to join the independent decision making panel . Anyone who had previously expressed an interest should have received an application form but anyone is welcome to apply.
  • If you are interested in applying to join the panel, contact Sue Fortune at LCF (telephone: 01529 305825 or email: sue.lincolnshire@btconnectcom) to obtain a short application form.)


We have conducted two consultations with local communities to help to decide how the Community Fund should work, who will be eligible to apply for funding and also who should administer the fund.

The first consultation was undertaken in early 2015 and provided valuable feedback from which we were able to established draft proposals. We consulted further on these draft fund proposals in late 2017. There was a good response from the community to both consultations. All responses were collated and reviewed, and reports explaining the outcomes of each consultation were produced.

To read each of the reports in full, please follow the links below:

One Off Construction Fund Report

Annual Community Fund Report

You can also look back at how both consultation exercises were conducted, by using the link here.