Community Investment Fund

Triton Knoll would represent a major investment for the local area and wider region, and the project is keen to ensure that investment establishes a valuable and lasting legacy for local communities.

The project  team is already working hard to ensure businesses that work with and employ local people are aware of opportunities and able to bid for contracts related to the project.

Triton Knoll also expects to invest in job creation, in skills and training opportunities and is investigating STEM related education programmes. It is hoped that this package of measures can encourage local young people to make quality learning decisions, learn quality skills, boost their employability and be better able to compete for and win new jobs with Triton Knoll, and the wider sector across the wider region.

Combined, Triton Knoll expects these measures would have the potential to help protect and grow thriving, sustainable local economies and communities.

In addition, the project anticipates delivering a range of community investments:

  • Up to £500,0001 allocated to local communities during the onshore construction works
  • Up to a further £40,000 annually into areas neighbouring the above ground electrical infrastructure, during the operational life-time of the wind farm. The annual fund will become available at the start of operations for the offshore wind farm
  • A one off £25,000 investment in a coastal environment initiative.

Community Investment Consultation

The consultation on the Community Investment Fund ran from 27 January 2015 to 26 February 2015.

There was a good response from the community to the consultation, providing valuable feedback which will help shape the future fund. All responses were collated and reviewed, and a report explaining the outcomes was produced. To read the full report, follow the link here: Triton Knoll Community Investment Fund Consultation Report.

Community Investment funds

Community investment fund payments can typically be used to match a wide range of other funding sources, to help make it worth even more. Funding could potentially be accessed by a wide range of organisations.

Funding is long term and reliable allowing commitments to be made and projects to plan with confidence.

If you have any queries on the Community Investment Fund, please contact the project team by using the details on the contact page.

_S8Q7360 Investments have the potential to help protect and grow thriving, sustainable local economies and communities.