Triton Knoll News

offshore and coastal site tests help shape build plans

Fugro GB Marine is undertaking a further four months of significant offshore and coastal site investigation works to help finalise construction and installation plans.

The seabed and ground conditions tests will include investigations around the location of the joint bay, where the offshore export cable will connect to the Triton Knoll electrical system onshore.

The whole offshore testing campaign lasts for over four months, but the bulk of the work is being conducted out at sea. Over the course of about 10 days, there will be a variety of small vessels, including semi-rigid inflatable boats, close to the beach and shoreline. These will not impact on the beach.
You may also see some 4×4 vehicles or a low ground-pressure, six-wheeled vehicle.  Otherwise, the amount of equipment involved will be very limited.
Work will take place from the shoreline, all the way out to the wind farm area.  The survey will also be on the beach for between 1 and 2 days near Anderby, sometime between 18 and 27 June.